Making an O1 more like….an O1

Hornby’s new LNER O1 is really a stunning piece of kit. Sadly it is let down in one main area, the smoke box door. Hornby have produced all the O1 models with a B1 type smokebox door. Sadly only a small number recieved this door with the majority having the smaller North Eastern type door. I wanted my O1 to recreate 63755 which is shown very clearly in 1950 with the smaller type North Eastern (Yeadon Register). To do this I used the old Hornby D49 door, removed the moulded smokebox door dart, added an Alan Gibson turned brass dart and finally added a plasticard smoke box number bracket.


She was then weathered heavily with a mix of enamel paints and powders. I think you will agree she looks every part the North Eastern Work Horse.




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