Travancore ready for duty!


Hello all.


With an early finish and beautiful sunshine in Harrogate I thought it would give me ample opportunity to photograph my recent weathering project outside. Sadly the clouds came across by the time we had got home but I still decided to photograph outside in the natural light….and at least it is dry.


After discussions with friends off the forum who are far more London Midland Region savvy than myself, it became clear there are a number of sheds which would have dispatched Black 5s/Jubilees on cross country services, which would either have terminated at York or would find the the LMR loco coming off at 50A.


The second of the Jubilees for Leaman Road is now finished (for those who have followed my layout on RMweb may remember 45561 Saskatchewen of Bristol Barrow Road also in BR Green currently on shed.) I recently got my hands on the RCTS book on Jubilees. It really is a godsend, with information on all livery changes that took place on each member of the class and in which year it took place.


Below is 45590 ‘Travancore’ of 19B Sheffield Millhouses. She went BR Green in February 1950 so I’ve depicted her in a clean, but working condition. Nameplates from 247 Developments.




I used Klear to depict water that has spilled down the tender side when being watered.



An attempt to get a close up of the valve gear, I used Humbrol 10 thinned then gave a thin wash of Klear to give an oily sheen.



I’m now well on with planning my next Jubilee. This will be a little more challenging as it is a long firebox version (which Bachmann currently do not make apart from the old Mainline model.) I have a plan for producing the long firebox and boiler, but also requires a different livery and tender. It should prove an interesting project.


For those wishing to have guess it’s from a shed far further west than Sheffield….as far west as you can go in the North West. ;)


9 thoughts on “Travancore ready for duty!

      • I think he’s given up on trying to seperate me and my cash – a difficult task.

        I’ve a 45593 waiting in the cupboard anyway… you might have prompted me to take it to the SECC. If I can get the wheels through in time it’d make a good demo subject. Hmm.

      • Haha

        Sounds like a good idea Jamie. What might interest you is the route i’m going down to do my long firebox jubilee. Dave sold me a resin boiler and firebox from Brassmasters. With some cutting out on the underside of the boiler it will sit on the bachmann running plate. It appears Bachmann were planning a long firebox but when sales didn’t go as they would have liked, it was scrapped.

        Are you doing Nottingham again?

      • Long firebox much more useful to us ScR types – think 67A’s set were all such examples (not up on my 5Xs). Will watch with interest but it’s way too involved for me at present.

        Would love to attend Nottingham again: great show but it’s just too far south for me I fear.

  1. Great weathering job, Tom – you must be very pleased with it. The trick with all weathering, light or heavy, is not to make it look too ‘fussy’ and it’s as much about what you take off as what you put on. For light weathering starting with a coat of Klear then applying the ‘dirt’ and then partly removing it is following what happened in real life after cleaning a dirty loco. You’ve used just the right colours and the ‘oily’ valve gear looks great. Well done!

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