A vistor from the East

Yesterday I had the joy of entertaining Mike Megginson. Mike is a very talented P4 modeller who has done some fantastic scratch and kit building. This must be something like Mike’s 7th visit and it really is always a joy. To be honest we didn’t spend too much time looking at Leaman Road, but had a good deal of time chatting and joking. Hearing tales from Mike about the railways is always great. We spent a great deal of time looking back through Keith Pirt photos I have from the late 50s which I think brought back some memories for Mike, and made me only wish I had been alive to see the likes of A1s and A4s in active service.

To those who did see them in the 1950s, I really do envy you!
I can’t think of any better way to spend a day but to spot somewhere on the ECML. Sadly being only 27 that time has gone for me, but thanks to the joys of Model Railways I can go about recreating this wonderful time.

Talking to Mike has decided me where I wish my modelling to go in the next few years, and for me this should be really exciting.

I would fully recommend having a look at these threads on RMweb of Mike’s. 


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