Back from East Riding of Yorkshire…and with a J72


I’ve just arrived home from an enjoyable day in the East Riding with James.

It was another planned modelling day, as James is off from a week of keeping the Selby-Hull line working (could James’s absence have resulted in the problems seen on the ECML south of Peterborough today? ;) )


The aim was to see how much more could be done on the J72. I’ve now added the brake rigging and James was very kind in doing the pickups as it’s not the easiest kit to fit them to. I ended up cutting my finger which was purely my own fault….I mean who puts pressure on the top end of a stanley knife blade when removing parts from an etch…..  :whistle:


The J72 is now at a more prototypical height on its chassis thanks to plasticard (the loco sits far too low without it). Also the Chassis now works after being run on some text track. James will be posting photos of my J72 and his own P4 J72 destined for the Hull MRC’s Botanic layout. My J72 is about 85% finished and the small bits required on the chassis and the body work I can now do, so I hope to have her finished in the coming weeks.


Meanwhile I was too busy taking photos of this beauty. James built this Q6 when he was in his late teens from an Alexander Models kit and represents 63440 of Selby Shed…’s very nice and James had to stop me trying to take it home with me…..maybe next time…. :mosking:






Thanks again to James, Suzie and Small Person for their kind hospitality once more. :yes:



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