A4 60008….stunning piece of engineering!


Some might expect that as an LNER enthusiast, that the A4 would be at the top of my list as the ultimate Pacific. You would be wrong.

The A4 has never really done it for me, I’ve much preferred the look of the A1s, A2s and A3s. This all changed today.

I had seen the two foreign A4s back in October at Shildon. 60010 looked in terrible condition and 60008 looked completely wrong how she had been painted in the states….in particular the painting of all the motion!

Anyhow today I saw 60008 in it’s new coat of paint done superbly by Heritage Painting. My word she looked beautiful……it will be a shame to see her go back to the US next year that is for sure.

IMG_3981 IMG_3978


3 thoughts on “A4 60008….stunning piece of engineering!

  1. The epitome of 1930s style IMO: graceful and elegant. Though personally, cut valances and BR green just look spot-on, as in the case of Dwight, above.

    A4 No.9 has a lot to answer for in terms of my interest in railways.

  2. Oh how stunningly gorgeous she looks,Lets keep her here,what a great pity that she will have to return to the USA.I hope they appreciate what a wonderfull job these blokes have done.I cant wait to see all 6 of them in July.

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