My musings on the Bachmann 2013 Announcement

A couple of days have passed since Bachmann revealed their forthcoming models to be released over the next 24 months. Initially as an ex LNER modeller I was a little disappointed. A few of us had hoped for maybe a Thompson Pacific or maybe a North Eastern work horse. That wasn’t the case but it certainly isn’t the be all and end all as some seem to think. There are some lovely kits available for the many of the North Eastern classes and a Thompson Pacific can be produced through Graeme King’s superb castings and the Bachmann Peppercorn A2.


What was welcome, was the news the Thompson Corridor Stock is being retooled. The old Thompson’s produced by Bachmann have numerous problems which require some heavy alterations to cure. The new tooled Coaches will be released in LNER fake teak and then Crimson and Cream. My thoughts are next year the maroon stock shall be made available.

To be honest I’m thankful there was no new locomotives announced…my hobby funds are somewhat restricted currently so anything that easies the stress on the old wallet is welcome!


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