There and Back again…. A York Modeller’s Tale

What an enjoyable day it was yesterday at the York Model Railway Show. As per usual I did too much time nattering with friends and not enough looking around at the layouts. Bought all the bits and bobs I needed, including some Pacific Nameplates from Gary at 247 Developments, a B1 Chassis from Comet and wheels from Alan Gibson. I do regret not going back and having look through the North Eastern Railway Associations stand.

I spent a good amount of the day with friends Simon Roberts and James Wells where we discussed all sorts of topics. It was good to chat with Graeme King, Jonathan Wealleans and Pete Hill for some time. Pete was very helpful with his advice on building the Brassmasters Easi Chasis for the Bachmann A1 which allow me to have a fully sprung P4 Pacific.

One of the main reasons for going was to see the late Tom Harland’s P4 ‘Bramblewick’ based on Robin Hood’s Bay on the North Yorkshire Coast, a place which is very special to me. Sadly the layout wasn’t in the best place to be viewed but I managed to get some photos, although not great quality on my iPhone phone. This is the layouts last show, where it will be sold. I’m just glad to have finally seen it before it goes.



The photos below are of another favourite layout of mine, ‘Hartburn’ in EM, although fictional in name it is based on a real location. A simple layout but with beautifully weathering which just fits into the scenery perfectly.


Enjoyable day all round, but I did miss out on seeing a few layouts. Special thanks goes to my Dad who isn’t as interested in the hobby as I, but didn’t moan once and I think found some things of interest.


2 thoughts on “There and Back again…. A York Modeller’s Tale

  1. Should have liked to have seen Bramblewick Tom – your pics show it off nicely. Hartburn’s a bit of a fave too, which I managed to see at RailexNE – real backwaters atmosphere.

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