Snobbery in the Hobby?

This has been on my mind since the York Show last weekend, and I will try to be restrained and not turn this into an all out rant.

I was introduced by a friend to a gentlemen at the show and the said gentlemen enquired what I modelled in. My response was ‘Currently OO but I’m going to be moving into P4’. The atmosphere changed and his response was  ‘Don’t bother!’ He then went on to talking about basic rivet counting issues connecting to P4. At this point I politely left the conversation.

I don’t mind banter between modellers, it’s all part of the fun.  What I do feel uncomfortable about is the almost back biting towards other modellers if they do something slightly different. I don’t have a problem with OO, EM or P4 and can’t see why we can’t all enjoy the hobby. What I do have a problem with are certain people who moan a particular class of loco they want hasn’t been produced by any of the RTR manufacturers. There are those reading this who will know who I refer too….

Alas my blog post wont alter anything and the attitudes of a few will be something I will have to live with. As long as you don’t force your views on others, I don’t see a problem with what you model. That view could be applied to all aspects of life I’m sure.



5 thoughts on “Snobbery in the Hobby?

  1. Running out-of-the-box HSTs and Castles together at the same time on a roundy-roundy – nowt wrong with that.
    Counting rivets and going the extra mile in the pursuit of perfection – nowt wrong with that either.
    Thinking that your own personal approach to the hobby is the only way and dismissing anyone who does things differently – plenty wrong with that!


    • Absolutely Paul. Running whatever you want isn’t something I personally like to do, but I don’t have a problem with anyone else doing it if it’s what they enjoy.

  2. I’m a great believer in horses for courses. I have used 00 for a mainline and P4 for a branch, that way both were achievable within the one lifetime. Works for me.

  3. Hi Tom. Good to see you in action. Will be following your progress and congrats on moving ‘up’ to the darker side (P4!!!!)

    • Thanks Phil (Mallard60022 I’m guessing). If you click follow on the bottom right you will get emails on any updates on the blog.

      Keep in touch mate!


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