Leaman Road’s new Online Home.


For those who have followed Leaman Road on RMweb, you will have possibly seen my latest post here. For various reasons, I have decided I shall no longer post updates of my modelling (on Leaman Road and future projects) on RMweb. This blog will be it’s new home as well as on Modellers United.

I would like to thank all of those who have supported me so far and I hope you continue to follow Leaman Road and my 4mm modelling here.



One thought on “Leaman Road’s new Online Home.

  1. I remember the coal cracker well. I was an apprentice at York MPD when it was still standing and even climbed up it one dinnertime. I also took a ride on the Scotsman when it took on coal, the driver was called Richardson. I also remember the botched demolition job, I think it was a sunday morning. It failed to fall and two diesel electrics in tandem tried to pull it over and failed. Nice model.

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