Manna from Heaven…..I mean Heaton!


A wise exchange of locos between myself and Dave (Max Stafford) gave me the chance to model a loco for the P4 Project. I have a photo of 60085 ‘MANNA’ of Heaton MPD on York Shed in 1959 (in colour). What was distinctive when compared to other A3 photos I’ve seen from 1959, was the burnished smokebox straps. Dave’s loco was superbly weathered, but I required a different tender (which I had in my collection). It’s not the easiest task to have to weather the tender to match someone else’s weathering job so after much T-CUT and Klear, these are the results.



Next stage will be the conversion to P4.


4 thoughts on “Manna from Heaven…..I mean Heaton!

    • Thank’s Jamie. The second photo is taken from the same angle of the photo of Keith Pirt’s I’ve been working from, sadly I can’t post it due to copyright.

      Trust me, blue sky isn’t something we see too often either…hence I grabbed the opportunity. 😉

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