Scale Four North – A true modeller’s show

Now home from what was a lovely show at Scale Four North. I set off from the Dales a little too early as I was there around a hour and half early. I met my friend Simon Robert’s before the show started where we had a good chat. Once in the show, my first stop was the Scale Four Society stand where, with a cheque handed over I became a fully fledged member of the Scale Four Society, lovely welcome pack too!

I spent up as was to be expected, with an A3 and A4 Easi Chasi from Brassmasters and P4 wheels for the Bachmann O4 from Alan Gibson. I also picked up a mineral wagon kit from Parkside which will be my first attempt at making a wagon…and in P4. I hope I’m not being over ambitious.

Good to meet Jamie and Andy Cooper in person. Definitely will be keeping the Scale Four North date in my diary.


3 thoughts on “Scale Four North – A true modeller’s show

  1. Good to see you Tom. Hopefully next time we meet I’ll not be quite so zombie-eyed from the drive down!

    Really enjoyed the show, met a lot of existing friends and a few more faces added to ‘net names. The layouts were just superb and well worth the long trip.

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