The First Step On The P4 Ladder

After encouragement from a friend, I finally bit the bullet this afternoon and began work on the Wagon Kit I bought at Scale Four North. I wanted to have a go at springing, although the thought of springing had somewhat scared me into thinking it must be the most complicated thing in the world!

First step was the springing itself with the Bill Bedford W irons I also bought at S4N. I must say it was a lot more straightforward than I thought, and the second one went together in no more than 30 minutes.


Next stage is the wagon itself which I hope to tackle over the weekend.


4 thoughts on “The First Step On The P4 Ladder

  1. You’re correct on two counts: BB w-irons really are very nice indeed and give a lovely ride quality, and that P4 modelling isn’t as difficult as many think. All that it really takes is some care and patience 🙂

    One thing that you will find essential is keeping the two separate sets of w-irons absolutely parallel. You may be able to do this with scribed lines, or measuring, but I find the Brassmasters gauges ( absolutely invaluable and a very worthwhile investment.

    Have fun!

  2. Tom,

    Follow this thread and you will see a picture of the Brassmasters jig in use So too is a buffer height guage, another useful little dodge although the Bill Bedfords are set up to work on the Parkside kits (spin the floor the wrong way up when you build it).

    I find that the guitar wire is prone to popping out of the clasps so I put a dab of solder on the middle clasp when I make it (but you must wash the flux of carefully or it will rot the stell wire away in not time!). Also twist the ends of the wire to 90 degrees after it has gone through the hole in the keeper plate, it saves them from falling out!


  3. Hi Mark

    Thanks for the reply. I’ve just ordered the Bill Bedford buffer jig, plus some more BR opern W irons and some RCH 1923 type for any LNER wagons and vans.

    I seem to remember chatting to you briefly at the Retford Open Day last year, are you going on Sunday? I shall be. 🙂


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