B16s- The reason I model the North East


That statement is most likely true. I do like the B16s in all their varieties hence I chose a B16 as my banner for 50A Works. The B16/1 is of the original Raven design, B16/2 was a Gresley rebuild and B16/3 a Thompson rebuild. The B16/1 is a lovely reminder of the Edwardian era. 

Here is my 61477, a long term allocation of York 50A. The loco is from a PDK kit and was actually there test build for their kit which they offered me for a very good price.



Now the temperature is warning up, work on Leaman Road shall begin once more.

2 thoughts on “B16s- The reason I model the North East

  1. Be nice if H or B made one of those Tom.
    Spoke to Denis Lovett the morning at Bristol Show re V2. Same response you got 😦

  2. I think the way forward for a V2 is either the Bachmann mods I and others have done or building the PDK version….for those who are brave enough the Finney one definitely scores as the ultimate.

    Bad decision in my opinion from Bachmann.

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