Retford – A truly inspirational layout!

Today I was fortunate to be invited to the Running Day of Roy Jackson’s layout Retford. Retford is truly a massive and inspirational layout, depicting a scale mile of Retford Station, and the diamond crossing where the ECML crossed the GCR line from Sheffield to Lincoln.

It was my third visit to see the layout and it was great chatting to Roy (about Nu cast V2s being the best starting point for a 4mm V2). It was also an opportunity to see Geoff’s layout Wrexham under development, what that man can do with Plasticard! Check out his latest article in this months Model Railway Journal. Thanks again to Roy and Geoff for their hospitality.

Right, off to bed and up early for the NYMR 4oth Anniversary Gala!



2 thoughts on “Retford – A truly inspirational layout!

  1. That surprises me after all this time. The NuCast kit is close on forty years old and as I remember it had a rather unconventional breakdown, like a plastic kit in white metal!

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