NER Tank Engine and the Painting Stand

The J72 which was started nearly a year ago, is nearing completion. Gibson buffers added and now given a coat of Satin Black. I have also added Smith’s 3 link couplings. Granted these are over scale, but a good way for me to get used to using 3 links. Final stages are to add Vac Pipes, lamp irons and transfers. As you can probably guess she will be a York loco.

I decided I needed something better for doing my painting and weathering on. I did have a cake ‘lazy susan’ turntable (what a great name!) This was fine, but due to the fact it sits on the workbench, it makes things difficult trying to spray up under the running plate and lower boiler of locomotives. I had a look around and read good reviews for the Tamiya ‘Painting Stand Set’. It costs roughly £15 but is certainly very useful. You get two stands (which all rotate freely), first of which is useful for painting loco bodies as can be seen below.



The raised position the stand gives is excellent for airbrush work and the metal prongs have different angles they can be set to, allowing several sizes of models to be used with the it.

The other stand included is like a general turntable, but once again raised up. 


This stand also includes mini metal clamps which can be inserted into the stand. Possible useful for me for painting loco crew….which reminds me, I have a few more of those to do!




4 thoughts on “NER Tank Engine and the Painting Stand

  1. Nice work Tom. However my approach was to save 15 quid, drill some holes in an offcut of timber and chop an old coathanger into a number of lengths of wire 🙂

    Maybe next time…

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