You can find a good deal out there!

Thanks to a timely text from Dave (Max Stafford) this morning, I was able to get myself a Bachmann A1 of 60163 ‘Tornado’ in Apple Green for….£63…yes you heard me £63!!

It was an eBay auction and the seller had simply listed it as ‘Bachmann Locomotive’ so it’s no wonder it went for such a low price and just shows how a poor listing description can seriously effect the outcome of an auction. I’m sure if it had been listed correctly it would have sold for nearer £90, but I’m not complaining.

Of course this will be not staying as 60163. With some tender modifications it will become a Darlington built A1 in unnamed condition, (apart from 60114 ‘W.P Allen’, all Peppercorn A1s in apple green were still unnamed.

There is always a deal to be had! 


3 thoughts on “You can find a good deal out there!

  1. Well done Tom on picking up a good deal on the Bachmann A1 Tornado. I did see it listed and at the time had only £46 on it and thought what a bargain. Even thought I might have a go at it, but decided not to. Mark in OZ.

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