Locos in the ‘Works’

I do find with my period (1950) that it doesn’t have the same amount of photographic material as later periods do, which is understandable. Sometimes though, a real gem turns up…although a little late in this case.
A1 60121 ‘Silurian’ is a prime example. I weathered her quite dirty as I couldn’t find a photo to work from and had to guess on her conditions…plus this is before I bought the Yeadon Register No 3 which gives dates of overhauls throughout her life. York Shed (50A) didn’t keep their locos particular clean plus the shortage of staff after the War. All these factors influenced my reason to weather her dirty.
Anyhow to cut a long story short, I found a photo of her in summer 1950 in the Yeadon book on Named Trains. She is at the head of the ‘Scarborough Flyer’ on Ganwick Curve….and is spotless, absolutely spotless. Even removing the weathering wouldn’t get her to the condition depicted. Therefore I ordered another BR Blue North British model as a donor (not cheap anymore…£99 and the last one sold for £125 on ebay) which arrived yesterday. It has been fully run in awaiting it’s transformation.
The old Silurian will have it’s plates removed and become 60129 (unnamed of Gateshead. Looking at her overhaul dates and her shed (52A) leaves me pretty confident a grubby exterior will be acceptable.
First step was to remove the moulded chimney and add one of Graeme King’s superb castings. The buffer beam had taken a knock which required easing back correctly (not an easy task I might add.
The loco has now had a single coat of Johnson’s Klear, cabside and nameplates removed ready for new ones to arrive.

A little something extra I’ve added, is the electric lighting conduit, something I had seen Tony Wright do to his A1s, which was easily made using a small amount of 5amp Fuse Wire.


The J72 is progressing well and just requires a plasticard cab floor, lamps, crew and weathering to complete.


Next update should show a finished Silurian, plus I have some water cranes to build.




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