Silurian Shines in the Summer Sun


60121 is now finished and will shortly take her place on ‘Leaman Road’. I have two photos which I worked from to portray her in the condition shown. The first is from Yeadon Register ‘Named Trains of the LNER’ and 60121 is shown hauling the Up ‘Scarborough Flyer’ at ‘Ganwick Curve’, dated as Summer 1950. I believe going off her condition and no YORK transfer on the buffer beam that she is ex works, which make it May 1950. The second photo is from ‘Power of the A1s‘ dated late July 1950 and shows a touch more road dirt with a YORK transfer now visible on the buffer beam.

Name and Work Plates are from Fox as is the cabside numbers.



I think to date she will be the cleanest of the fleet. This brings my allocations of York Pacifics to 3 in total, 60121, 60146 and 60153. I have plans for 60140…so it would therefore seem a shame not to complete York’s allocation with 60138.



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