Back from Wigan!

What a great weekend….thoroughly tiring…but great!

As operators we were fully looked after by WFRM, with a lovely meal at the hotel on Saturday Night. Saturday was very busy with crowds around the layout appearing often. Good to chat with LNER Forums ‘Neville Hill’ about all things North Eastern.

We were neighbours to Mr Paul Gallon ‘Worsdell Forever’… fancy bumping into him here with ‘Felton Lane’. Plenty of banter was exchanged over the weekend and some good laughs! David Scott andJonathan Wealleans kept me in order over the weekend.


As for the Show itself, it was good but I do think it felt lacking when it came to specialist traders. It would have been good to see Alan Gibson or 247 Developments there. I did purchase some bits and pieces from ‘Eileens’, some books from ‘Book Law’ but foolishly decided to have one last scout around the show in that final hour on Sunday…and found myself buying a pacific! The wallet wasn’t happy!

I couldn’t avoid it really, as it was an Apple Green Hornby Gresley A1, which is a perfect candidate to become a post war A3 (already have a name and number decided) plus at the price of £60 it was a steal!

It was good to see my mate Dave Smith on Saturday as well as finally meet Ian Fleming and Ken Gibbons. I think we firmly set the world to rights! It was great to have a good laugh with Andy Cooper throughout the weekend as he was there operating Eskmuir.

Great weekend, and thank you David for inviting me along…I look forward to where Stainsby’s next outing shall take us!



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