Scale Four Society Area Meeting: June

Today marked the June meeting of the S4 Society, which saw us having a very nice pub lunch in the heart of Swaledale, before moving on to our host Ron’s house and layout.

Ron lives what can only be described as literally in the middle of nowhere on the roof of the world. This meeting also welcomed my good friend Dave (Max Stafford) along for the first time (I have cheekily been going along for the last year before actually becoming a member of the S4 society).

Ron has just completed his railway room (how I wish I had that kind of room to play with). The layout he is planning will represent something Settle and Carlisle inspired in EM which sounds good to me. Below we see a selection of Ron’s locos plus mine and other members.




I’m sure I’ve seen these before… my two 60121 and 60539 pose on Ron’s baseboard.


Dave’s J37 stands on the test track. I must say she is a beautifully built loco by Dave (his first I believe a few years ago). She ran extremely smoothly at slow speeds which has pretty much decided me to build my J25 with a high level gear box. 



Dave plays with his J37 on the test track.




Even Bessy, Ron’s little Jack Russell was in on the fun and games.




After leaving Ron’s, Dave headed back to mine to have some fun on Leaman Road, plus some swapsies on locomotives. I am now the proud owner of another BR Blue A1 and a B17 ‘Thorpe Hall’. Both will have new identities….but that is for another blog update! 



3 thoughts on “Scale Four Society Area Meeting: June

  1. Hmmm – well as a Stanier man myself I can only say that I did think Gresley pacifics looked rather alien on the line, especially after ‘Scots’, but at least it was something different!

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