The 1938 period is now in full swing with the second loco now ready for the layout.        Gresley A1 2571 ‘SUNSTAR’ of Gateshead. I performed a similar treatment as I did on Galtee More, but tried to do some different variations.






This view shows the new reach rod to depict a North British locomotive which I added from the Brassmaster A1/A3 detailing etch, plus the removal of Doncaster works plate 
on the smoke box as the donor loco was a Doncaster build.

This photo is purely to compare with the link below from flickr of a pre war photo of the real loco at York, 
which I used as the basis for my weathering.


2571 at York pre war

The greatest asset for me with this period, is the book                                                         LNER locomotives in colour 1936-1948 and ‘The Big Four in Colour’

This book has a great number of photos taken, in the 1937-1938 period and a number on York Shed. Loco examples such as D17, D20, B15, C6, C7 plus others all shown in beautiful colour. Great basis for weathering….just need to build the kits now!


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