Working Timetables and Loco Rosters

I’m now in the possession of copies of the Summer Working Timetable for 1938 (thanks to the Ken Hoole Study Centre, Darlington). The more I read, the more fascinating the whole thing is. What strikes me most of all, is how much busier the network appeared to be in 1938 when compared to 1950, but of course a lot happened in those twelve years! Another thing I notice though is the great number of suspended services….war coming a year later having an effect perhaps?


I’m currently working on rosters for my Express Passenger/Goods workings. Thanks to Graham Nicholas, I’m now beginning to understand what trains Grantham’s Pacifics worked in on.

So below we see 2548 ‘Galtee More’ being prepped to take over the 12.19 Edinburgh-King’s Cross, where she will come off at Peterborough, before working back north to Grantham on an all stations stopper.



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