A glimpse of how York 1938 will look.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of entertaining well known LNER modeller Graeme King. Graeme had a lot of LNER stock with him which he is taking to run on another well known LNER layout on Sunday (I’m also taking my stock along).

It was really wonderful seeing Leaman Road populated with accurate stock. Below are a selection of photographs showing Graeme’s beautiful stock, and it wasn’t just locomotives, but coaching stock too, in particular of note is the Tourist Stock buffet. This was very nice to see as I have a photo of the Tourist Stock in Leeman Road Carriage Sidings.

All that was missing was the NER locomotives, but what I can say is that the examples of GN and GCR locomotives were either shedded at York, or would have worked in from the South.



Tomorrow my LNER locomotive will be stretching their wheels on a large ECML layout with Graeme’s stock. More photos of that to follow after weekend.


One thought on “A glimpse of how York 1938 will look.

  1. A lovely set, Tom. It must really re-energise the layout you see, daily, helping to see it in a new – even a more satisfactory light. After all, Mr King would be unlikely to want his excellent stock to be photographed against a background of which he was not enthusiastic. It must be refreshing at least!

    Tony. aka Brass0four

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