Grantham’s O4 ready for Barrow Hill.

Grantham’s O4, 6628, commissioned for ‘Grantham’ and will be running on the 8th and 9th February at Barrow Hill.

I’ve carefully used Yeadon regarding conditions of freight locos in this period. Yeadon states in one caption of an O4 on York Shed in 1938 that ‘by this time, they were getting little cleaning’. It would make sense that Grantham’s cleaners would be paying  most of their attention on the allocated Top Link locos (A1s and A4s) and possible smaller passenger classes, rather than their heavy goods locomotives.

Touch of limescale added due to this being the East Midlands, plus photos seem to show O4s having limescale seeping from under their domes through the 1920’s and 1930’s. Motion given an oiling over too and the smoke box has had a mix of powders to give a warmer colour suggesting a hotter area of the loco (a Tim Shackleton tip).










Airbrush weathering alone in my opinion doesn’t look right…as does just powders alone. You need a mix of ingredients and this is why this O4 has had airbrush, dry brushing, regular brushing, and powders to achieve the results. I hope this shows a three dimensional effect and a textured rather than flat finish.


One thought on “Grantham’s O4 ready for Barrow Hill.

  1. Very well weathered and looks just right.It’s good to see freight engines weathered like this. A number of these ROD loco’s were in the Hunter Valley coal fields in NSW Australia. Unfortunately none are in working condition.There is one in pieces on the Richmond Vale Railway near a place called Kurri Kurri pronounced curry curry. All the best Peter

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