Playing Trains on Gresley Beat

I had a very enjoyable day yesterday playing trains on ‘Gresley Beat’. It is a stunning piece of craftsmanship, dare I say art.

I had the chance to operate yesterday and I absolutely loved it. Ironically operating the down main, means you don’t see the scenic side, but you do get a buzz when you send out the ‘Silver Jubilee’ or ‘Cornonation’ and you see the public pointing and getting their cameras out.

I took along three locos, as the others are being prepped for running on Grantham next weekend at Barrow Hill, and here are my three enjoying their time in the limelight.

A1 2575 ‘Galopin’ of Gateshead, charges by with the Flying Scotsman.Image

Haymarket’s 4486 ‘Merlin’ roars through Belle Isle with the TPO.Image

Gateshead’s Capercaillie rests on Top Shed.


Many thanks to Cliff and Rupert for giving me the opportunity yesterday.


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