A Fresh Start

Morning all, and apologies for the lack of updates.

As some may have seen, I have left RMweb and unlike last time….I will not be going back. There are various reasons for my departure and I do not wish to go into the precise details, but they are somewhat similar reasons to a number of other modellers who have left.

Anyhow enough of that, I will be updating the blog more regular with updates on my modelling and Project Thirsk. To finish off this post, here is a photo of one of my Pacifics taken by Tony Wright on Little Bytham. It gives a hint (I hope) of what I aim to achieve over the coming years.

Tom Foster A1


12 thoughts on “A Fresh Start

  1. Hi Tom, sorry to see you leave RMweb but I’m sure you had a good reason for it. Anyway I was going to ask this question on there but I’ll ask here instead.

    Did you get round to repainting and weathering a Hornby A4 to represent one of the first 4 silver ones, can’t remember it if was Silver Fox, Link, King or Quicksilver ?

    Cheers, Sam

    • Hello Sam
      I’m not repainting any, as already have them in silver livery. I have three, Hornby Silver Link (produced in 2010 for the 75 anniversary of the Silver Jubilee), Silver Fox and Quicksilver from train packs from around 10 years ago (they were some of the first loco drive A4s to be produced).

      As I’m currently working on commissions, I haven’t got around to doing them yet, but when I do, I’ll be posting them on here.

      Best Wishes


  2. Good to hear that you’re continuing your blog here and on modellers united Tom. Could you post some pics of your commissions if your clients allow you mate? Also along with the silver A4’s, are you getting any redone in apple green?

    Cheers from Broc in Australia

    • Hi Broc

      I certainly will be having a couple of Apple Green A4s. I most likely will be commissioning them out for someone to do (not sure I have patience for apple green lining out yet).

      • Don’t blame you Tom, that lining would drive me nuts!!! I model LMS post war and even that lining can be a real pain…. need to learn how to use a bow pen! Love the locos you have been showing off, looking forward to seeing more. Our of interest have you got an idea what your next model of your own you will be working on? Cheers mate

  3. Thanks Broc
    J39 I’m going to be working on as a commission later today, and next weekend some Gresley teaks for a friend. I would also like to at least number up my J27. Weekend after I’m playing trains operating the Gratham layout.

    Next Month I’ve two locos to weather for Tony Wright.

    • I can see what you mean Tom! Barely any time to work on your own trains it seems! What locos are you weathering for Tony? Ladt night i just finished up weathering my 6243 City of Lancaster in extremely grubby post war condition. I have an account on modellers united, gotta take some pics and put it on there. One thing i was going to ask you was have you ever thought about doing a YouTube video of you weathering a loco or piece of rolling stock?

  4. Great to see your blog come back to life. It’s a small world, as I’m sitting here reading this in the Willoughby Arms, opposite the former station in Little Bytham…

    • No, I didn’t even know that he lived here – and I don’t actually know him. I think that we’ve only met very briefly once, a few years ago at Missenden, and I recall that he also owns a TVR… This (very nice) pub was simply a stopover between motorbike racing at Mallory Park and an appointment with two Lancasters this morning at Coningsby 🙂

  5. The Willoughby Arms is very nice. 🙂
    I know of two other modellers who went to see the Lancaster yesterday.

    On a different note, I’ve put a little demo page at the top of the blog saying what shows I’m at, you still want me for Scaleforum? 🙂

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