An LNER Workhorse

A recent commission I’ve just finished, a Bachmann J39, finished to a typical grubby standard.

_MG_7828 _MG_7826

The Bachman J39 still stands up well alongside the more recent RTR products (the tooling must be 20 years old now) and it wasn’t until weathering this one, that I noticed you can see the bottom side of the firebox (which I’ve enhanced with a depiction of rust). A nice bit of detail on an older model.

I will be needing a couple of J39’s for Thirsk, although the majority of North Eastern J39s had the smaller LNER Group Standard 3500 Gallon Tender. What does let the Bachmann model down is the awful split chassis, which I shall replace with a Comet Etched Chassis on my future models.

It’s worth making a point, regarding Comet Models, the very sad news that Geoff Brewin passed away at the Weekend. I didn’t know him very well, only speaking a couple of times at shows when picking up bits and pieces from him. Sad news all the same.


2 thoughts on “An LNER Workhorse

  1. Hi Tom,
    Yes it has been a while. Sad about you leaving RMweb, but it is like some model Railway Magazines which get a bit sameness about them. I will continue to look to see latest updates to what I watch which is LNER/ER related. I will follow your progress here and on Modellers United.

    The J39 looks good. My J39 1856 is showing signs of old age and was only thinking the other week that a Comet replacement chassis is needed. Sad about Geoff, and I wish his family my condolences even though I have not dealt with them before.

    I also like your workbench too. Great space for working on your project. In your Ian Kirk (shop) do you have a Push pull coach (non Corridor)? I have had one and a 61′ end vestibule composite (8840) on order from Coopercraft since May 2012. Have not heard anything t all.

    Keep up the good work.
    Mark in OZ

  2. Hi Mark, thanks for your comments.

    I haven’t got a push pull coach in my Kirk range, as I’m only focussing on the ECML 61ft stock….you are not the only person to have trouble getting things out of Coopercraft it would seem. I bought a number of stock from him at Railex in May….glad I did.

    Glad you enjoy my modelling….hope to get my J27 finished soon.



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