Vincent Raven’s B16 – The North Eastern’s Mixed Traffic Work Horse.

For anyone modelling the ECML North of Doncaster from Pre-grouping to 1960, would certainly require a few of these North Eastern 4-6-0s. This one below is destined for Thirsk, and will be seen working unfitted and fitted freight trains (as well as passenger), between York and Newcastle.


This Locomotive has been built by Tony Wright from a PDK kit. Some months ago, I brought down my original PDK B16 ‘61477’ for Tony to remove the DCC ‘gubbins’ inside, and to ask how easy would it be to alter the smokebox door and dome to backdate to late 1930s condition. Tony said he felt it a shame to have to strip said loco of a very attractive and well applied livery (built and painted by Paul Hill of PDK), so we agreed Tony could have this, and in it’s place, build me a new one to 1930 specifications.


She’s been tested on Little Bytham by Tony, and next weekend will be run on Grantham. Later this year she will be going to have an Ian Rathbone paint job. Once returned ‘2372’ of York Shed, will be ready for doing what she was built for….might need a layout for that!

Photos courtesy of T. Wright


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