Right Track 19 ‘Layout Planning and Design’ Review

Many who follow my blog will have bought Activity Media’s Right Track programmes, a series of DVDs following different aspects of the hobby, from kit building and detailing RTR, to weathering and making buildings. The latest in the range is Number 19 ‘Layout Planning and Design’ which, well…..does exactly what it says on the tin!


Right Track 19 is presented by Paul Lunn and Paul Marshall-Potter, both respected names in the hobby. The DVD is principally set into three parts, with it beginning with Paul Lunn talking through the basics of layout design. Paul begins by looking into those basic questions of space, gauge and what you wish to achieve, taking the viewer on a journey from simple track plan sketches through to mock ups made from card and polysterene. The second part both Paul Lunn and Paul Marshall-Potter look into the design process from conception, to mock ups and finally a finished layout, in the form of Wharfedale Road. Finally Paul Marshall-Potter shows us his beautiful Albion Yard and Bawdsey. Two layouts, very different in conception but both incorporating techniques which go a long way in improving their realism.


Wharfedale Road (© Paul Marhall-Potter)

What impressed me with this DVD, was it didn’t feel it mattered whether you were a beginner, or an experienced modeller. There were aspects useful to all. Paul Lunn’s simple mock up layouts are a superb idea that if I’m honest, hadn’t crossed my mind. Granted there are some ideas I probably wouldn’t try, but that is the beauty of this DVD, it allows you to take bits away and leave others. You never feel like you are being preached too, instead helped a long the way.


Albion Yard (© Chris Nevard)

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m in the process of planning a new layout, and Right Track 19 has certainly given me some useful and helpful tips for getting me started. A worthy addition to the series.

Published by Tom Foster

Musician and Modeller of 4mm

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