GWR Coaches…….can of worms?

Evening all! Short post tonight.

I think I have been somewhat naive regarding the GWR stock required for the new project. I would like to thank Chris Foren for offering to help identify coaches in photographs, taken on the Bala-Blaenau Ffestiniog branch. So far we have found two Brake Composites Non Corridor Coaches which aren’t even available as kits E157 (which is mentioned on as being available from Phoenix Kits, but isn’t on their website) and E167, one of Hawksworth’s later designs.

It amazes me when you think of the mass of GWR RTR and Kit locomotives that are available, how little there is in Non Corridor GWR Stock.

It’s certainly given me plenty to think about this evening….and fingers crossed something might turn up in the photos that might be available (D147 would be nice!)

5 thoughts on “GWR Coaches…….can of worms?

  1. David Geen can help you with all your GWR coach enquiries, he also produces a range of kits & detailing parts…..hope this helps….Owen

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