Planning – Detailing a Bachmann 57XX/8750

As most of you will know, for Trawsfynydd I will require a number of Pannier Tanks.


I’m now at the point in deciding how far I wish to detail my Panniers. I had already decided that adding lamp irons is a must! I also intend to add the missing handrail on the running plate, plus the sanding levers. I hadn’t thought about the smokebox dart….but seeing what Alan Buttler has done on one of his, I’m thinking this may be the next stage.

I’m discovering the wonderful variations in panniers….and I’ve just seen that some in my period didn’t have a top feed….groan….. :(

It seems it’s going to be a real pain to remove the top feed…and more importantly the moulded pipe work which runs along the top of the boiler………. do I do it? I don’t wish to repaint the black locos, seen as they are going to be rather grubby.

Thoughts on a post card?

9 thoughts on “Planning – Detailing a Bachmann 57XX/8750

  1. Well Tom, if some did, then some didn’t…!! Could you find one of the latter that suits? By the way, that’s my ‘Mr Lazy Modeller’ head talking – yours may well tell you different!


  2. Well, I could ignore it Keith, as it most likely depends when they had boiler changes (I have a photo of one loco in my period without top feed…but has one in 1964…)

    I’m just wondering if anyone has attempted it? Annoyingly the pipe work runs down the rear of the tanks.

  3. Hi Tom,

    I did wonder when you would get around to tackling the Pannier 🙂

    I would add all the detail that you’ve listed plus including the smokebox dart and leave the top feed as it is. If you remove it you will be left with a rectangular hole to fill as the moulding is hollow.

    • Hi Geoff

      The fact you have said leave the Top Feed is good enough for me….has anyone tackled it? Part of me things I’m being a bit of a coward, as it would be nice to have variation.

    • Hi Mike

      I’ve already got a few packs of the Frogmore versions, recommended by Paul Marshall Potter. I’ve already put an order in with masokits for screwlinks (awaiting delivery), so maybe next time. 🙂

  4. Hi Tom, I’ve seen photos of a chap who did this pretty successfully though it did look like quite a challenge to get the filler in the nooks and crannies on the top of the tank. You might be able to get some tips from people who remove the top feed from a 14xx as this seems to be a popular task.

    I’d definitely recommend the sanding box linkages, they add a nice level of detail to the footplate and unless you plan on using a highlevel chassis with the inside motion, they do a good job of obscuring the lack of it 🙂

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