Commissions, Panniers and Traws….Oh MY!

I seem to be drawn to updating my blog while I’m watching Grantchester on ITV….maybe it’s due to it’s 1950s setting that I’m connecting the two together!

The first part of this blog, is due to a recent decision I have come to regarding commissions. Although I regular post about modelling and my plans, I’ve actually done little modelling for months. I’ve realised this is down to my weathering commission work and to be frank I don’t enjoy doing them.

I’ve increasingly found it hard to motivate myself to do any modelling of my own…because I know I have commissions to do which I find hard to focus on doing…’s a vicious circle. Some are able to separate the two and keep commissions and your own modelling as two different things….sadly I’ve found that very difficult. When I come home from work, I’d like to go back to enjoying modelling on my workbench.

It’s for this reason that I’ve decided to stop doing weathering commissions, other than for a couple of close friends on occasions. It’s very nice that people think enough of my weathering to ask for my employment, but I must say I’m looking forward to cracking on with my own modelling primarily once again.

So back to my modelling.

After some good modelling chats with Paul Marshall-Potter and having a look what he is currently up to, I’m far more positive about actually having a go at removing the top feed from a 57xx/8750. Paul’s results look excellent and certainly allow for something a little different form the standard Bachmann model. There are three Pannier’s which are missing their top feeds in my modelling period, 5774, 8791 and 9669. It would niggle not to have a go and would be nice to model these locos in a more prototypically correct state ( I most likely will be modelling 5774 and 9669). Not something I am rushing into mind, as I intend to pick up an old Mainline model to practice removing plastic moulding detail.

On a different note, I’ve been given permission to us a several photos in my blog of Trawsfynydd from 1959. More to come on related blog updates.

Trawsfynydd Station 1959 (North)

I’m really looking forward to getting the baseboards ordered in the new year and cracking on with this layout in 2015!


8 thoughts on “Commissions, Panniers and Traws….Oh MY!

  1. I’m in exactly the same boat. Only modelmaking IS my job. I can’t escape it. So I counteract burn out by setting myself little scenic tasks, or painting another few inches of my Special’s chassis, rigging a model yacht or just going for a jaunt with the Mrs. Often that’ll include 2 grandchildren and a certain fast food outlet!
    I might catch up with some artwork, do a spot on the blog or just veg. out with some TV.

    I’ve even given the whole thing up for years, whilst I lived on and restored an historic canal boat, but, back on the land, I was soon knocking up ideas for layouts, set-pieces and the like. Once it’s got you, it never lets go for long.

    Make some chisels out of cheap or preferably broken Swiss files reground. Remove the bulk of the plastic with a Dremel type tool, then finish with the chisels. The best way to remove plastic carefully is to scrape it.

    Good luck with the Pannier.

  2. I’m really looking forward to seeing how you get on with the layout, and for selfish reasons, (so that I can enjoy progress) I’m glad you have put the commissions on the low burner. I am sure your motivation will be increased without paying jobs hanging over you. I have often considered modelling the Traws branch, especially as it crosses the Teigl with those sinuous double curves – I live but a stones throw from it. But I am in the same boat as Martin, except that I find it hard to justify modelling for myself at all, I guess my work has spoilt my hobby. I still love it though and wouldn’t do anything else. I have two Bachman panniers, so I will be learning from how you get on with them!

    • Thanks for the comments Iain.
      I feel a great sense of relief since announcing an end to commissions.

      Geoff had said you live in the area, very impressive modelling work too! If I get really stuck with the Station Buildings I may come to you with a commission, but at the moment the plan is to try and do the majority myself.

      Two Panniers? You could model the two that double headed on the last passenger train (4643 and 8791) 🙂

  3. Hi Tom, good to hear you are making some positive changes, it must have been a hard choice to make I’m sure.

    I’ll keep an eye out for any updates on work on the Pannier top feed, I’ve one to do myself and have taken the same first step – bagged a cheap Mainline 57xx to maim! Good luck with it, Al

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