I couldn’t resist!

In last night’s blog post, I said work on my Panniers would commence in the beginning of next Month. After I posted this, I felt this was an excuse and I was just putting off working with the scalpel.

So last night, I sat down at the workbench with my practice body (Replica 57XX) and made a start removing moulded detail. I’m really pleased with the results, and I would be certainly happy with these results on one of my Bachmann Models.

1459961_10152477385307984_8623111986337579535_n 1926910_10152479253107984_4497102593034047466_n 10406892_10152477385462984_771462754109010136_n 10414611_10152479253247984_7502252676153265509_n

Tonight I removed the sandbox covers, I will be doing this on my Bachmann Panniers as the covers are too far forward, and will mean the RT sand linkage will be able to reach the covers, a tip from Alan Buttler.

What has surprised me is how easy this work was, granted using such a sharp scalpel blade requires care, however due to this, it did make the cutting relatively simple. It’s also interesting comparing the Bachmann and Mainline Bodies….there is a lot of similarities between the two and makes me wonder how much is basically the same.

No excuses getting on with the first 8750 now(which will be 4643).


3 thoughts on “I couldn’t resist!

  1. “two far forward” – Freudian slip? lol. Great work. Between you and I, I’ve fancied a holiday layout for a long time: red soil and exquisite scenery – I would do a branch in EM or even P4 GWR… ‘Probly just a dream.

    Tony. aka Brass0four BRMweb 😉

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