Detailing the Pannier – Part 1 ‘Scalpel Fun’

Afternoon all!


Last night, I decided to commence work on my donor 8750, which is to become 4643, a regular on the Bala-Blaenau Ffestiniog Route.


The first thing to go was the smokebox dart, which will be replaced with an etched component. I’ve also removed the front coupling hook (to be replaced with a Masokit’s Screw link), Vac Pipe (to be replaced with a custom altered Markits), and the sandbox covers which will be repositioned into a more prototypical place. I will also be adding a Markit’s Steam Heating hose.


Front glazing removed, and will be replaced with shawplan ‘laserglaze’ flush glazing, which I will pick up at Warley.


Rear Moulded lamp irons removed (and to be replaced with Masokit irons). As George Dent recommends, I have also removed the top of the rear Vac Pipe and will add a White Metal variant I have to end.

 Removing the rear grills will be interesting……any advice on the way to do this, and how to add Iain Rice Etch?


4 thoughts on “Detailing the Pannier – Part 1 ‘Scalpel Fun’

  1. Hi Tim, nice handy work. With the rear grills its a job for the scalpel again, have a go on the Replica body again to get the technique. The etch I think just needs a dab of super glue on the end of cocktail stick or similar to set the etch in place. I over did it on my 57xx on the first grill, made a bit of a mess!

  2. Following this with interest as I’ll be building 4645 and 8791 (the last passenger train SLS Tour locos) as well as 5700. The donor bodies are on order, the etched plates are being drawn up and new scalpel blades need ordering!

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