A Filthy LMS Brute!

I’ve just finished this leviathan, an LMS Garrett….quite fitting that this is one of the last commissions I intend to do. The main challenge is the fact the loco is in one piece, so handling wasn’t quite so easy.




Two ariel photographs in ‘The Book of Garratts’ have shown an interesting deposit of coal debris sitting under the rotating bunker. Very useful which I’ve tried to depict, as it’s something I might not have noticed if I hadn’t found that photograph.


I was planning to return the loco to the owner at Warley next weekend, however I have had to pull out due to my Father having a severe rheumatoid arthritis attack. Anyhow, I hope the owner is pleased with her.

4 thoughts on “A Filthy LMS Brute!

  1. Garratt looks awesome, love the coal around the rotating bunker. What caught my eye however was the painting just visible in most of the pictures, which appears to be an A4 hauling the Coronation or the West Riding Limited. Where did you get it?

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