Pannier Progress

With my work finished until January, the plan is to get the first of my 8750s detailed. As I posted in my last blog update, I had made a start adding the Mainly Trains etched grills to the rear spectacle plates. Already, this has enhanced the cab area in my opinion.


Yesterday, I made a start on forming the Masokit Lamp Irons. I was somewhat apprehensive of this because the instructions state they are fiddly. I have to say, with my new ‘Hold N Fold’, the process was a lot easier than I thought it would be. Once some 0.4mm wire has arrived (on order from Eileens) I shall do as Michael Clark suggests, by using a wood block and inserting the wire into it, you can use both hands for soldering and securing the lamp iron to the wire, ready for insertion into the model.

Below you can see how the Pannier currently looks. The Lamp irons are sat on the running plate, for appearances sake. The Vac pipe is a Markit’s standard offering, which I shaped with pliers to resemble the prototype (George Dent method). I’ll be adding the steam heating pipe once the front coupling is in place.

FullSizeRender (8)

The smoke dart is a Markits product, and is a big improvement over the part moulded offering. This way I can set the handles to reflect prototype photographs. This loco is to be 4543, which on the cover photo of the ‘Foxline’ book, has them set at 8.30.

I intend to crack on with the lamp irons next week, before putting together the masokit screw link couplings. Thanks to Mr Ian Fleming, who has been helping me on goods rolling stock, I have a few wagons to be working on over the festive period.


6 thoughts on “Pannier Progress

    • Hello Alan

      The separating I had never done before, so PMP (Albion Yard) showed me what to do. The bunker unscrews and unclips from the cab. The cab requires careful easing away from the body, as it’s glued rather than screwed. I think Paul used a scalpel to ease the glue away from the plastic.

      The handrail knobs were eased out from the cab with a screwdriver, and easing out from behind.

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