Pannier Progress Part 2

Evening all! 🙂

Over the last few days, I’ve really embraced (and enjoyed) detailing this 8750.

_MG_7928 _MG_7927

The latest additions:
RT Models etched sanding levers (which I’ve followed Alan Buttler’s method of fixing to the top of the sandbox filler lids) which have now been moved back into a more prototypical position. I’ve also added the missing handrails from the running plate.


First (of many) Masokit lamp irons, now soldered to 0.4mm wire and ready to be fixed onto the running plate.


Masokit Screw Links partially assembled (with mock wire) as I await Duchesse Pins. I realise you can use wire, but lets just say it didn’t end well when I used wire last night. At lease with the Duchesse Pins (as recommended in MRJ No.123) you only have to solder one end.

Right…dinners ready…followed by a desert of lamp iron construction! 😉


3 thoughts on “Pannier Progress Part 2

  1. Looking good Tom 🙂 I found in retrospect that the sanding rods should be joined to a short spigot just behind the sandsanding box lid, not directly attached. But it’s a small detail. Good job

    • Hi Al

      Yeah I realised that when looking at my Pannier Papers, but thought it wasn’t worth the effort, once painted and weathered I doubt you will notice from viewing distance.

      Call me lazy! 😉

  2. You’re lazy.

    However, on the screw coupling, take it apart and scrub the centre shackle part with fine wet and dry paper 1200 grade or similar. Then dunk it in metal blacking or ‘gun blue’. This will hugely reduce the chance of it getting stuck to any solder on the shackle spindle. (wire/pin). Solder on the outside of the shackle too, this again reduces the chance of it seizing with solder. I use over length wire and cut it back.


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