Pannier Progress – Final Stages

Evening all, and I trust you have all had an enjoyable Christmas?

It’s always a funny time between Christmas and New Year…ample time for modelling and getting this Pannier finished! This 8750 is now in it’s final stages of completion. I’ve added all the Masokit lamp irons (minus the bunker one…which I’d forgotten about) and is almost ready for patch painting before weathering.




I’ve also added the screw link couplings (Masokits) steam heating pipes (Markits) rear vac pipe (MJT) and chequer plate for the top of the buffer shanks (Mainly Trains).

Next photo will be in a week or two once completed. 🙂

On a different topic, Activity Media are closing down with all Right Track DVD’s now reduced into a clearance sale. Very sad new on an excellent series of modelling DVDs, but if it’s any consolation I would say now is the time to pick up any missing programmes before they are gone forever.




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