Hornby’s new K1

Andy Cooper’s excellent review of the Hornby K1. Looking forward to part 2 of his review!

New Hey to North Ballachulish

#Steam Engine model


Whilst North Ballachulish is primarily intended to be set in 1970/71 its not escaped my attention that the infrastructure would still be set in the steam era and that from time to time there may be an excuse to take the layout back 10 years. Hornby bringing the K1 out recently tempted me a little too much so I now have one – lets take a closer look because on first glance this looks a cracker.


Dimensionally the basics are absolutely spot on for the model, wheelbase both on loco and tender, boiler width and length and total length over buffers. That to me is the battle half won. get that right and you are well on the way to a good model. Offering the model up to the drawings I hold shows me that the obvious pitfalls of having things like boiler fittings and cylinders…

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