Something a bit different…… An ECML mighty V2

Something a bit different indeed….a refreshing break from working on wagons. This V2 is part of Tony Wright’s Little Bytham fleet and belongs to Ian Wilson of Pacific Model. This is a standard Bachmann V2 (of the last release with new chassis). Tony has added a single chimney, and separate fitting dome. Tony had also removed the moulded oversize boiler bands, and replaced with transfers, which are more to scale before brush painting the boiler with a matt green. _MG_8006

I worked from this 1962 photo on flickr of sister loco 60935 at York.

c.08/1962 - Holgate Junction, York.

The challenge was not just the weathering, but to make the matt green brush painted boiler, match the sheen of the bachmann factory finish (recent bachmann BR green is a rather nice satin colour). So after several coats of Klear, I think it has matched rather well. 60862 will be returning to Little Bytham this weekend for a good running in.


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