Pannier off the beaten track!

Saturday saw another enjoyable visit to Tony Wright’s and his layout Little Bytham. Part of the visit involved returning a V2 to Tony which I had weathered. She romped around the layout with 11 behind the tender…not bad for an RTR loco with no weight added. Some of the coaches were kit built too!


I also brought along my Pannier 4645 for a run on the M&GN. She was certainly a long way from North Wales, but I had asked Tony if he would be so kind as to take a couple of photos, to give me an idea how she would look in a layout setting. She ran perfectly with the three wagons I had been working on. I really need to start the next 57XX!

4645 Crop 2

4645 crop

I’m in the process of designing my track plan and baseboard for ‘Cwm Prysor’ with special thanks to Andy Jones for all his help! Tm Horn will be producing the boards with his superb laser cutting equipment.

Exciting time!


2 thoughts on “Pannier off the beaten track!

  1. A Pannier at Little Bytham? Good grief! 😉

    She looks very good in her new, (temporary?), surroundings and the V2 is also looking very much at home.



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