Second Pannier for Cwm Prysor (ex works!)

Evening all!

Over the past week or so, I’ve been working away on the second 57XX for Cwm Prysor. It’s interesting with this being my second Pannier, how things have progressed far quicker, but I suppose that was naturally going to happen.


It is a rather satisfying feeling when one gets to this stage in the project, when you can see the detail (granted one can go further, and I really applaud those that have done). If I had to pick out one area that for me was essential on the detailing side visually, it would be the markets smokebox dart. In my eyes it captures the look of these familiar Western tanks perfectly.

_MG_8030 _MG_8029

The Masokit lamp irons really are superb little things, producing scale irons that can be used with interchangeable lamps. The lamps shown are standard Springside offering, but have been modified with replacement handles made from 0.3 wire. I can’t claim credit for these, Adam Chapman kindly altered a batch of lamps for me and I have to say, they really do look excellent. With scale handles, I don’t think the lamps themselves are much overscale. The jewel lenses have been replaced with PVA glue. I’m currently awaiting custom cab side plates from Narrow Planet.

Regarding the layout, I am in the process of ordering the Baseboards for Cwm Prysor which are being designed and produced by Tim Horn. This should keep me busy over the summer months!


2 thoughts on “Second Pannier for Cwm Prysor (ex works!)

    • Thanks Al!
      I look at PMP’s work in awe, on removing the top feed and pipe work. I started it on a spare body but sadly gave up….so for me at the moment, top feed it is.

      Have to say Al you pioneering work on your Pannier certainly set me on the right track! 🙂

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