exLNER Open Wagon

I’ve been working on this wagon for the last month or so. Picking it up, doing some work on it, and then leaving it while I worked on the latest Pannier.

This wagon was built by David Scott, and was finished in Pre 1936 LNER unfitted dark Grey.


I began by removing the presfix transfers, via my usual method of microsol and a cotton bud. The sticky residue was a touch stubborn to remove, so I used some wet and dry to smooth things off. Once I was happy with the finish, I sprayed the whole wagon with revell 75 (as recommended by Ian Fleming) which I think gives a great representation of a faded BR unfitted grey. Once dry, I began repainting a number of planks to represent bare wood using a mix of Tamiya XF55 and XF20. Once dry I weathered the wood panels (before weathering the entire wagon). My reason for this, was my general weathering of the wagon would very much in a vertical fashion, I wanted the wooden panels to be weathered following the grain which would be horizontal. Once the planking was weathered, and the transfers were added, I gave it a couple of coats of Klear, and a spray of purity seal satin varnish.

Here are the results now it is finished.

_MG_8031 _MG_8032 _MG_8033 _MG_8035

I’m pleased with the results. I think the key with this one is I’ve taken my time, working on it between other projects. To give a comparison, here is the wagon alongside the other two unfitted wagons I have weathered. It’s worth noting that both this wagon, and the SR Van have both been painted with Revell 75, however due to different colour undercoats, they do not look the same.


On a different note, I’m very much looking forward to York Show this weekend as it’s the first Show I have been to this year. I’m helping out stewarding, so will be on the door selling tickets from 10. I’ll be looking out for a 64XX, for a 74XX conversion too, plus other bits and bobs.


One thought on “exLNER Open Wagon

  1. Fantastic finished wagons. Good work. I fancy trying my hand at this but, given I am shortly installing a goods yard to house about 50+ wagons, this may be a task to be done over few years?

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