Rochdale Model Railway Exhibition 2015

Today, I crossed over to that dark forbidden county….LANCASHIRE! (I say this in jest of course, I was born and raised in Lancashire for 19 years) and spent an enjoyable day in the company of good friends, at the Rochdale 2015 Model Railway Exhibition.

It was probably one of the best Shows I have been to in recent years….not a box shifter in sight! Several layouts of superb modelling and excellent trade in the form of Todmorden Model Supplies ( I picked up a couple of drill bits….0.4 and 0.5 have a tendency to break on me!).

Below you will find a selection of photos of several of the layouts present.

Culm – Dai Davies (EM) – GWR/Western Region (Transition)

I had an enjoyable chat with Dai regarding Railways in North Wales, and told him of my own North Wales plans regarding Cwm Prysor and Trawsfynydd.

_MG_8047 _MG_8046

Angelbank – Liverpool MRS EM) – Clee Hill Incline 1950s

_MG_8049 _MG_8051 _MG_8052

Polbrook Gurney – Chris Nevard (OO) – Somerset C.1960

It was a pleasure to see Chris once again. Chris manages to make his layouts really draw you in, they are almost like a small theatre, drawing the audience into the past.

_MG_8055 _MG_8061 _MG_8059 _MG_8063 _MG_8064

Glaisden – Ian Worthington (EM) – BR(NE) 1960s

_MG_8068 _MG_8067

Great job Rochdale Group, for creating a thoroughly enjoyable show….and the ice buns were rather nice!


STOP PRESS, Andy Cooper spotted holding GWR loco!


2 thoughts on “Rochdale Model Railway Exhibition 2015

  1. Great to chat with Dai at Shipley today and Karl Crowther yesterday. VERY inspired by “Culm” and had a good chat about the track plan which, with its operating potential, was a draw for me. Thanks for allowing the overhead photos and others which will certainly help in my planning. I’m not a GWR expert but found the overall essence of the layout calming. Inspiration indeed. Thanks again, looking forward to seeing you next year at Pickering. Best wishes. Robert, RMLectronics.

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