Another Croes Newydd stalwart finished – 5742

As some of you may remember, I finished the detailing on 5742 some weeks ago, however I had been awaiting the etched plates from Narrow Planet. Now the 74XX is detailed, and the 57 plates have arrived…I decided it was worth cracking on with her. Here are the finished results.



I didn’t want this one to be as grotty as 4645. There are only a couple of photos of 5742, one in Pannier papers in a rather dire state on shed at Croes Newydd (84J). A long distance view of her in the Foxline (Bala-Blaenau) book at Bala shows her rather clean, so I went somewhere in between. 5742 was an early casualty, and was withdrawn in late summer of 1958, this probably explains the lack of photos of her, compared to other class mates.



Front number plates are once again from Ian Wilson of Pacific Models. I do like these, and as Ian does the whole class of Panniers, it means no cutting and shutting.

Tried something a little different with the rear racks. It can become a bit of a cliche having all the tools/bucket on the back. Some photos of Panniers have the whole lot, others have none. For this reason I decided to hold off on the bucket on 5742….lets say the fireman has just had swill around in the cab! 😉

5742 will be on display this weekend along with some of my other models (LNER included) as I demonstrate weathering at:

Scalefour North 2015

Saturday 18th April 2015 – 10:00 – 17:00
Sunday 19th April 2015 – 10:00 – 16:00

Queen Elizabeth Grammar School
154 Northgate

Admission £7.00
Scalefour Society members £6.00


2 thoughts on “Another Croes Newydd stalwart finished – 5742

  1. Lovely work Tom, I like how you’ve varied the finish from 4645.

    These will look superb on Cwm Prysor, or visiting Oswestry Works one day maybe… 4645 was on the books in 1959 🙂 if I ever finish it!

    See you on Saturday

    • Cheers Al!
      I like to think that all my locos look part of the same world in regards to weathering, but have differences in that they don’t all look the same.

      See you at S4N! 🙂

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