Scale Four North – In Retrospect

An enjoyable weekend was certainly had at Scale Four North last weekend in Wakefield. The Journey was straight forward, and I arrived ready to set up at 8.00am.


From my own perspective, I think my demonstrations went well. I believe the saying is, as a demonstrator you shouldn’t manage to find time do your own modelling, and the only thing I managed to do of my own, was the removal of a smokebox dart from a pannier… I think that was a good sign!

I very much enjoyed demonstrating my various weathering techniques, and I think those who stopped by found something of interest in my rambling. It was nice to hear from a couple of gentlemen, that they read this blog. It’s nice to know my musings are of interest to others as well as myself. 🙂

Thanks to Alan Buttler, Geoff Taylor and the Kerrinhead gang for letting me accompany them on the social meal, I think we had laughs all around…..Yorkshire Pudding, Jam and Cream anyone? 😉

Thanks to the Scale Four Society for inviting me, and very much looking after me. Finally a Special thanks to Eileen, who on both days offered to look after my stand for an hour while I went for my lunch. It was very much appreciated!

Right, I better finish that 74XX!


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