74XX crewed and ready for Cwm Prysor

I’m currently full of a cold, and just thankful I’ve caught it while it’s the weekend, before I start back at work. It’s inevitable in my job, and there have been plenty of kids sneezing and coughing in my proximity this last week or so.

So while feeling like ‘death warmed up’ I decided to paint a couple more of Alan Buttler’s ‘test’ figures, in particular for 7414. It’s an enjoyable process, however the magic moment comes when you have applied the dirty washes, and the dirt is caught in just the right places on the figures overalls.


I still need to weather the brake van, but other than that and with the addition of a few more wagons, a nice pick up freight is forming. The 74XX class, by the mid-late 1950s were being used indiscriminately with the 57XXs on freight and passenger on the Bala – Blaenau Ffestiniog Branch.



I have a couple of ratio LMS vans on the way, which I’m looking forward to cracking on with. It’s all very well weathering RTR wagons, but it will be nice to build some of my own stock. I’m also thinking ahead to my passenger stock, the Comet coach I require is now in stock…and the Worsley Works coaches I have commissioned are at the artwork stage (GWR modellers will soon be able to model Brake Composites Collett E157 and Hawksworth E167).

Regarding the layout itself, I have mentioned previously that the boards are on order. I have just put an order in for 6 metres of C&L finescale flexi track. That should keep me out of trouble for some time! 😉

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