Another 74XX and Cwm Prysor trekking!


With one 74XX already in the bag, I decided to crack on with the second, 7431 another regular on the branch. 7431 has a couple of variations compared to the other 74s I shall be modelling. 7431’s running plate lamp irons under the tanks, are further forward (above the front left hand side driving wheel), not further back like the majority. Secondly the centre lamp iron near the front coupling is of type seen on the rear bunker, not the ‘shepherd’s crook’ type.



The photo I was working from of 7431 had it’s rear and top hatch open, which I’ve also tried to depict.



7431 will be part of an article to be published in Railway Modeller, at the beginning of next year.

With my work finished for the Summer, I headed over to North Wales for the day. First stop was the lovely Llangollen Railway, where I met up with fellow modeller Alan Buttler. It was a Vintage Vehicle weekend, so there were more trains in service. I particularly wanted to see 6430 working the auto train. 6430 is one of the later batch of 64XX, which have the cab like a 74, so from my point of view, it was closest I would ever get to see 74XX.

5199 runs around it’s train.



6430 with it’s auto train. A scene from a bygone age.

IMG_8224 IMG_8227


Afterwards, the heavens opened, and Al and I set off up to Cwm Prysor, around 25/30 miles from Carrog Station. Thankfully the weather cleared up slightly while we had a wonder around. There were couple of areas I particularly wanted photos off, including reference photos for my back scene which Tony Wright will be painting.

Arenig Fawr, the backdrop being the station, a rather imposing site.


The retaining wall on the embankment.


I had seen on diagrams and maps, that there appeared to be a stream that went under the embankment and fed into Llyn Tryweryn. Standing on the far side of the lake, I managed to snap this shot of it, which is good enough for what I need to model it I think.


Apologies for such a lengthy post, but hopefully it should be of interest. 🙂 Thanks again to Al for his company yesterday.


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