Van Vactory

An enjoyable time was had at the Thirsk Show last Sunday (even with some slight ribbing regarding my move to all things Western). In between demoing, I finished off some detailed work on this below, a Bachmann (ex Mainline) Mink.


Since I returned from the show, and after some enjoyable chats with David Scott regarding Wagons, I have thrown myself into a couple of Parkside kits. First up, a post war 12 ton LNER all ply van (dia 195).


An enjoyable and straightforward kit to go together. I will add Vac pipes shortly, couplings shall be added after painting.


Another Parkside kit, a earlier style Mink (built as a V16). I shall be weathering it similar to the prototype photographs depicted in Geoff Kent’s 4mm Wagons Book 2.

It’s a shame that nobody has produced a kit for V36, the plywood post war Mink. It is a van which I have photos of working on the Blaenau – Bala  Branch. It’s not urgently required, but I certainly would like to have a representation of this van at some point.

Finally, you will have noted a touch of tweaking to the blog. Special thanks to Tony Wright for initially taking the photo of my two 74s, and then the thanks has to go to Alan Buttler for converting it into a BR style banner. As far as I’m concerned, it looks the part 🙂


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