Toad in the Hole

I’ve finally got around to working on that very Great Western of all things, a Toad Brake Van. This isn’t anything fancy, it’s just a simple repaint with minimal detailing. Previous models I have found have been a pain to get into and due to excess glue, I have snapped stanchions off the body, so with this example I haven’t altered the bulk head position. I also haven’t removed the moulded handrails. I did try on a spare body, but… be frank, gave up.

The finished result…..I’m happy with it. The main issue for me, was the colour. As regular readers will know, I really do not like Bachmann’s unfitted grey, so the model has been sprayed with Revell 76. I replaced the RCH buffers with GWR (Lanarkshire Models), so that the model resembles something a bit closer to an AA15.

I have fitted Laser glaze at the outer end windows. Annoyingly, when I came to fix the inner windows under the verandah with Klear, both fell through and have stuck inside. I’ll pick some more glazing up at Expo EM North…..or I might just leave it as it is.

I have numbered this Toad as W68669, which is actually preserved at the Llangollen Railway. Thanks to Nicholas Davies for his helpful research, we know W68669 was actually a Bala allocated Toad. The Bachmann model was originally branded Stourbridge which I removed, but retained the rest of the branding. BALA, was made up of Heavy Franklin font transfers from Fox. She was finished off with instanter couplings and weathering.




Next up is an early build BR 12T Van (Bachmann). I have added instanter couplings, tie bars, and upright vac pipes (as fitted to the early batch of BR Vans). I paid special attention on the corrugated ends, trying to differentiate between the wood and the steel.




It really wouldn’t be right to not include a Pannier, so here is 7414 posing alongside the Bala Toad.

It’s a funny thought that the real 7414 probably shunted the real W68669 over half a century ago……oh to have a time machine!


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